Fundie Math

by Neil Rickert

For a brief diversion, take a look at Jason’s post on fundamentalist mathematics.  (Hey, this is a blog, so I can take diversions.  Besides, nobody is reading this blog anyway).

I have long been concerned that home schooled children were getting a poor education.  If this is an example of how they teach mathematics, then the concerns are justified.

Somehow I am reminded of the saying “Those who cannot teach, teach teachers.”  Here we seem to have somebody with a very poor understanding of mathematics who is teaching home schooling parents on how to teach.

Incidentally, Jason commentary is about right.  But then Jason is a mathematician, so that is no surprise.

2 Comments to “Fundie Math”

  1. Besides, nobody is reading this blog anyway.

    I hope you don’t believe that. I’ve just found you and I’ll be looking out for up-dates.


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