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October 4, 2010

The Behe vs. Barr debate

by Neil Rickert

The video of a debate between Michael Behe and Stephen Barr has been made available online.

I found this via a post at Uncommon Descent.  No doubt the UD poster favors Behe’s argument for intelligent design, but I thought that Barr gave an excellent argument against ID in the science classroom and was the more persuasive of the two debaters.

Barr, a U. of Delaware physicist, is himself a Christian.  He does not object to intelligent design as a thesis or hypothesis.  But, he argues, it is philosophy and not science, so it does not belong in the science classroom.

The main thrust of Barr’s argument is that if the philosophy of ID is allowed in the science classroom, then that opens the door for the philosophy of atheism to also be allowed in the science classroom.  And he believes that Christians should want to keep both of those philosophical positions out of science.

The video is around 70 minutes.  Even if you think ID to be entirely mistaken (as I do), it is worth listening to Barr’s argument.