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October 21, 2010

Illinois politics – my recommendations

by Neil Rickert

I am writing this for the benefit of those of my readers who live in Illinois – all zero of them.

Bill Foster for congress

I will voting for Bill Foster.  This is one of those rare occasions when there is a candidate that I can vote for, instead of the default of voting against a candidate.  Foster is my first congressman.  Before Foster, this district was represented by Dennis Hastert.  But I always had the sense that Hastert was representing the interests of the Republican party more than the interests of his district.  Before I moved here, I was in a district where Cardiss Collins was congress woman.  But I always had the sense that Collins was representing the interests of the Democratic party more than the interests of her district.

With Bill Foster we have a thoughtful intelligent representative, with a background is science.  While I don’t agree with Foster’s every vote, I do see him as representing the district and being more than a rubber stamp for his party.

Patrick Quinn for governor

I am not a big fan of Quinn.  So when I check his name on the ballot, that will mainly be a vote against his opponent (Bill Brady).  My objection to Brady is not that he is a Republican.  I have voted for Republicans in the past.  My objection is to his economic plan for the state, which is to cut taxes as a way of increasing revenue.  Anyone with even a tiny bit of common sense can see the obvious flaws in that plan.

Alexi Giannoulias for U.S. senate

I don’t know enough about Giannoulias to know how well he will do as senator for Illinois.  So my vote will really be a vote against Mark Kirk who favors idiotic economic policies.