Uncommon Dissent

by Neil Rickert

This is a brief post to draw people’s attention to Uncommon Descent Dissent (or “UDD for short), a new blog that is focused on discussing some of the issues raised at Uncommon Descent.

I have commented here on a few UD topics, but that is not the main direction of this blog.  It is, however, the reason for UDD.  The new UDD was started by one of the participants in some of the discussion here on a UD topic.  I would guess that thoughtful comments and civil discussion will be welcomed at UDD.

At the time of this post, the main UDD post is on the use of “Darwinism” at UD and by the critics of evolution.

Check it out.

4 Responses to “Uncommon Dissent”

  1. Many thanks for this post Neil! 🙂


  2. There is already a long running discussion of Uncommon Descent in the After the Bar Closes forum at The Panda’s Thumb. Dissent is welcome there, but the denizens of UD lack the intellectual courage to participate.

    I wish your effort well, but the UD regulars like their echo chamber and don’t want a venue where they can’t hide behind Clive Hayden’s skirts when their arguments are being demolished.


    • That’s true, but I think more people should speak up against them and their agenda. I see a real risk that science will be dragged back into the dark ages, little by little, just as Dembski has to now wrestle with a real “Noahs Ark” explanation after being hauled onto the carpet.

      First evolutionary science and then history will have to be re-written to satisfy their beliefs. We have to be more visible if we’re going to ensure future “Dover” type trials don’t go their way.

      I love “After The Bar Closes”.



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