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November 21, 2010

The Dembski – Hitchens debate

by Neil Rickert

The videos for the recent Dembski – Hitchens debate are up.  As I compose this post, I am listening to the second of three videos.

My assessment, thus far, is that Christopher Hitchens is presenting a powerful argument.  I found William Dembski’s presentation a little disappointing, as it sounded too much like some of the apologetics arguments that I have previously heard.  Still, Dembski did make a creditable presentation of his position.

I won’t declare winners – I haven’t finished listening yet.  But I think it is up to each listener to judge that.  I will say that it is a quality debate, with both debaters giving clear and well stated presentations of their positions, and with the organizers doing an excellent job of arranging the event.

I do recommend it as worth spending the time to listen.  The three parts are 45 min, 42 min and 49 min.

November 21, 2010

The camera analogy – an index

by Neil Rickert

THis is a brief note to provide links to the four parts of my series using the camera analogy.

The camera analogy(1) – introduction

The camera analogy(2) – acquiring knowledge (learning)

The camera analogy(3) – constructing knowledge

The camera analogy(4) – conclusion