The Christian right

by Neil Rickert

I rarely post on religion.  However, I do want to draw your attention to a recent article by Richard Hughes, at Huffington Post.  I sometimes think of the religious right as the anti-Christian, anti-American branch of American Christianity. In his report, Hughes expresses those concerns very well.

Nor is it my intent to attack Christian people. After all, I am a Christian as well.

But I do wish to hold the Christian Right accountable for its falsehoods and misrepresentations. For at two important levels, the message of the Christian Right is clearly deceptive: the way it portrays the Christian faith and the way it portrays the nation. And that is the truth that a nation in crisis must hear.

Hughes goes on to point out how the religious right fail to follow the teachings of Jesus, and how they attempt to undermine core American values.  He begins the last part of his report with:

But the worst part of the legacy of the Christian Right is the way that movement has helped to shrivel the nation’s soul.

I recommend reading the full report.

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