Not a dime’s worth of difference

by Neil Rickert

It was George Wallace who said “There’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican Parties.”  Wallace was a segregationist, and I disagreed with most of what he stood for.  But he was right about the differences between the parties.

Yes, there are differences between the parties.  The Republicans seem to have cornered the market on insanity, while the Democrats may have cornered the market on wimpiness.  But those differences are of little value to people who want government to actually work.

It seems that what we really have are the corporate-D party and the corporate-R party.  Both parties seem more concerned with corporate interests than with the interests of the American people.  And, worse still, we have a legislative supreme court that is creating new rights for corporations.

So here we are after 2 years of a solid Democratic majority.  We have universal health care – sort of – but it is a health care so damaged by bad compromises, that it is unlikely to solve the major problems of health care.  We still have too many troops in Iraq.  We still are fighting an unwinnable war in Afghanistan.  We still have an economy based on the “manufacture” of dubious financial instruments.  We have no clear national economic policy, we spend more than we can afford on the military, we are hopelessly addicted to imported oil, and we have politicians who are more anxious to give huge tax breaks to the wealthy than to actually address the nations problems.

It looks to me as if we are headed for a national financial collapse, and the elected politicians won’t act in the nation’s interest until the collapse actually occurs.


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