Demonic possession

by Neil Rickert

Because the intellect, unlike the other powers of the mind such as sensation, imagination, etc, is entirely immaterial, a primary disorder of the intellect would be intrinsically immaterial, and might be thought of as a spiritual disorder of character, or a tendency to sin, or even demonic influence/possession.

That was part of the post “Ask the doctor: ID-friendly neurosurgeon talks about mental illness” at the Uncommon Descent blog.

This sort of thinking is part of why there is so much discrimination against people with mental illness.  It denies that mental illness is an actual illness, and instead stigmatizes it as due to sin or demon possession.

The posters at the Uncommon Descent blog wants us to believe that they are presenting a scientific case for intelligent design.  Yet they allow posts which put forth primitive ignorant beliefs.

One Comment to “Demonic possession”

  1. Unbelievable!

    What’s next, dropping witches into the river to see if they drown?

    You should poll the ID proponents to see who actually will go on the record saying they believe this.

    I’d also like to know why this doctor is still allowed to practice medicine.


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