Is Granville Sewell a mole?

by Neil Rickert

Mathematicians are generally pretty smart people.  So when Granville Sewell originally came out with an argument based on the second law of thermodynamics (see here), I was saddened to see a mathematician come out with an argument that is so foolish, so ignorant, so wrong.  Recently Sewell has repeated his arguments in a post at the Uncommon Descent blog.

My first reaction was to scratch my head, and wonder how a mathematician could come up with such appallingly poor reasoning.  But then it struck me.  Maybe Granville Sewell is a mole.

If Sewell is a mole, working internally within the ID groups so as to discredit them from within, then I must say that he is doing an excellent job of it.  First, he comes up with an argument that any scientist who understands thermodynamics can see is obviously wrong.  And then the ID proponents all fall over backward, congratulating Sewell for the fine job he has done.

What a wonderful way to discredit ID.  The proponents of ID claim that they are doing science.  So what better way to discredit them, than to have them singing praises for a thoroughly unscientific argument.

My congratulations to Granville Sewell for his excellent work as a mole.

(Panda’s Thumb also comments on the recent Sewell post – here).

3 Responses to “Is Granville Sewell a mole?”

  1. Isn’t it more likely he is just a moron?



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