I didn’t boycott Chick-Fil-A

by Neil Rickert

I didn’t eat there either.  The nearest store is about 20 miles away.  But even if there were a store in my town, I probably would not have eaten there.

It somehow would seem wrong to say that my not eating there was participation in the boycott, when I would not have eaten there anyway.


2 Comments to “I didn’t boycott Chick-Fil-A”

  1. I find the Chick fil A dilemma weird.

    Everybody knows Chick fil A is Christian organization, hence they are not even open on Sundays. They are very religiously oriented.

    Knowing this why are people shocked about the statement they made. To me it was a given that they believed this.

    If it was another company like Walmart or White Castle, then I could understand, but its chik fil a, everybody knows they are a pround evangelical christian organization.


    • You are right, that their Christian orientation is widely known.

      I’m not deep into this, since I don’t closely follow LGBT issues. However, many people think that businesses should stick to running their business, and keep it out of the political debates.

      It seems that there is another fuss brewing over Papa John’s pizza, where the CEO has been making a fuss about ACA (Affordable Care Act).


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