Romney’s principles

by Neil Rickert

New Republican VP nominee, Paul Ryan, has praised Romney for his principles.

I’ll have to admit that he has a point.  Romney’s principles are perfect.  As a mathematician, I cannot think of anything that could be more perfect than the empty set.

4 Comments to “Romney’s principles”

  1. The good news is that, no matter how the election goes, Ryan will be out of Congress and off the budget committee.


  2. As an atheist I find it disconcerting that I will be voting for a mormon (perhaps the most obviously man made religions) but from my perspective it is the lesser of two evils. Ron Paul would be my candidate of choice but I don’t see him ever gaining the level of support necessary to make a real run of it.

    It really is a shame that you basically have to decide if economical and fiscal policy or social policy is more important to you, but unfortunately that is the way it appears to me with the two party system.

    I can only see good things coming from getting our budget and spending under control. And I don’t consider military spending sacred, all spending is out of control.


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