Memo to Todd Akin

by Neil Rickert

According to news reports, Akin is now saying:

The mistake I made was in the words I said, not in the heart I hold.

No, Mr Akin, the mistake was not in the words that you said.

When I first heard reports on that speech, I immediately understood that you had misspoken, and that the work “legitimate” was a very poor choice.  And I took that into consideration as I read what you had said.  And, after factoring in that correction, what you said remained stunningly ignorant and offensively sexist.

Apologizing for your choice of words is not enough.  It is not nearly enough.  That “apology” leaves us suspecting that you yourself are deeply ignorant and offensively sexist.


2 Comments to “Memo to Todd Akin”

  1. Very well put! … except I might have left out the “suspecting.”


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