A couple of links for weekend reading

by Neil Rickert

I have added a new category “humanism” as a partial response to a recent post by Jen.  I expect to have occasional posts in that category.

So here are two links, that are at least slightly related:

  1. Parables Of The Not-So-Social Gospel” is a fun read.  It is an updated version of part of the gospels, written so as to truly represent what Christianity has become today.
  2. Radical Feminism, the Unwitting Ally of ID and Creationism” is a criticism of Atheism+.  It will either make your blood boil, or give you a good laugh.  Silly me.  I thought that “atheism+” was simply adding ordinary human decency to  atheism, that there wasn’t anything radical about it.  Perhaps I have never understood the meaning of “radical.”

I am taking the “good laugh” approach to the second of those links.


One Comment to “A couple of links for weekend reading”

  1. I like the first link. It illustrates the irony of wealthy “Christians” that believe everyone should just help themselves rather than each other, that is, politically conservative “Christians”. It’s so ironic, when they ignore the actual proposed teachings of Jesus including immaterialism and the golden rule!


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