Blasphemy Day

by Neil Rickert

Today is International Blasphemy Day, as I have been reminded by posts at several other sites that I follow.  I do not think of this as a day for the celebration of blasphemy.  Rather, I think of it as a day of protest against attempts to make blasphemy illegal.

Personally, I am not a big fan of blasphemy.  I don’t see a point in going out of my way to be offensive to other people.  However, freedom of speech is more important.  And freedom of speech includes the freedom to be offensive in one’s speech.  So this post is all about standing up for freedom of speech.

Since I am not into committing blasphemy myself, I shall instead provide some links to sites that could be considered blasphemous.

Blasphemy against Mormons

I thought this video was hilarious, and quite topical given that we are in the Presidential campaign election season:

Blasphemy against Christianity

I can find no better example of blasphemy against Christianity, than the two premier sites promoting Young Earth Creationism.

Young Earth Creationism is the thesis that the God of Christianity is a liar, a great deceiver.  It is the thesis that when we open our eyes and look around the world, what we see is fake.  We have to read what the Bible says to know what is true.  It is the thesis that what the Christian God carved into the rocks is a lie and that truth can only be found in the writings of humans (those humans who wrote various parts of the Bible).

Young Earth Creationism and its companion Intelligent Design,  is also the thesis that the God of Christianity is an incompetent bungling fool who could never get anything right and has to keep coming back and interfering in the world to fix his earlier mistakes.

Could there be any greater blasphemy than that?

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