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November 15, 2012

Intelligent raining; two different conceptions of God

by Neil Rickert

Over at Uncommon Descent, the ID  blog, there are often posts and comments about theistic evolution and theist evolutionists (TE for short).  Many, but not all of the ID proponents are usually quite critical of TE, as I was reminded by a recent post.  For reference, that post is:

While reading and commenting on that post, it occurred to me that TEs and ID proponents have very different conceptions of God.  And that is what I mainly want to discuss here.

Intelligent Raining

I’ll begin  with some quotes from Barry Arrington in that recent post:

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November 15, 2012


by Neil Rickert

Readers of this blog may have noticed two things over the last few weeks:

  • I have broadened the range of topics that I have discussed, to include more posts on topical and social issues;
  • there has been a hiatus in my posting on topics related to epistemology and other aspects of philosophy.

I plan to continue with my coverage of a broader range of topics.  And I shall soon break that hiatus.  I needed that break.  But it was not a complete break.  I was engaged in a discussion of truth and the correspondence theory at a Yahoo group site.  I will probably post a summary of that discussion, with links to the full discussion, within the next few days.