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December 30, 2012

by Neil Rickert

I have not yet posted anything on Sandy Hook. This poem says it all, better than I could.

Rebecca Rose Poetry

The world was saddened and horrified by the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.

The NRA’s response? Put more guns in schools.


The Price of Safety

The NRA says lots of guns will help to keep us safe!
Fill our homes and church and school, and arm the office place!
To protect his family, fathers stockpile guns of every size,
And women fill their purses up with pistols, as is wise.
There are crazy people out there. You never know just who.
So all the neighbors hurry out, and they buy weapons, too.

And teachers carry rifles to defend the school hall;
And shoppers strap their pistols on ‘fore heading to the mall;
And waitresses wear handguns as they work at the café;
And parents pack revolvers to the soccer field each day;
Ministers give sermons proudly sporting guns on hips,
And rejoice to see…

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December 30, 2012

Today’s weather report

by Neil Rickert

Looking at today’s report for Geneva, IL on Yahoo, I see it reporting:

Current temperature 13F

High for the day 26F

Low for the day 24F

A desktop weather applet (in KDE, using data from NOAA at DuPage airport) says about the same, though it gives a little more precision (12.9F for the current temperature).

Perhaps this is the “new math” version of weather reporting.

Best wishes for the new year, everybody.