DOMA ruled unconstitutional; therefore evolution is false

by Neil Rickert

Well, okay, Cornelius Hunter did not say what is in my title.  However, he did manage to find a way of connecting the DOMA decision with evolution.  I suggest you  take a look at his post.

I’m sure Hunter was quite serious.  However, I cannot help but laugh at it.

Posted as humor.


3 Comments to “DOMA ruled unconstitutional; therefore evolution is false”

  1. Wow! Michele Bachmann (as one example of many) claims that “Marriage was created by the hand of God. No man, not even a Supreme Court, can undo what a holy God has instituted.” Mike Huckabee calls same sex marriage “perversion” and “ungodly and unholy.”

    And Hunter has the nerve to accuse anybody else of “certainty and self-righteousness”? Kennedy was not making a moral judgment, he was describing the oft-stated animus of the religious right to gay people. Such animus is no more a legitimate basis of the civil law that the supposedly Biblical animus toward the “descendants of Ham.”


  2. Thanks a lot for the link. I lost 10 IQ points before I could get to the “back” button!


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