“What They Really Need. . .”

by Neil Rickert

I’m reblogging this, because it is so eloquent. I’ll add a comment shortly.

Itinerant Lurker

I heard something in church the other day that’s been bothering me ever since.  That’s not exactly right actually, it’s something that’s always bothered me – even when I was a Christian – but this brought it to the forefront of my thoughts.

Yes, I’m an atheist who goes to church.  I’m even on a first name basis with my pastor.  I even call him “my pastor”.  It’s weird, but I have a family who are all of them Christians, so compromise is kind of the order of the day.  Typically I don’t mind – but this service was different.


There was a team talking about a missions trip they’d recently returned from (a “missions trip” is when a small group of people raise money from a church to go do some sort of mission work in another country for a few weeks) to South America.  They’d worked with families…

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  1. I “know” Itinerant lurker as an occasion poster at evcforum. So I have been following his blog, where posts were rare. With a burst of energy, IL has made several posts in the last few days. The one that I am reblogging is particularly eloquent.

    Now follow the link and read the full post.


  2. I commented on his blog. Sorry — I didn’t pay attention and thought I was on yours. He has a fun blog.


  3. what u go to church….cool, Would you like to do a guest post for me on that topic for me? That would be very much appreciated.


  4. but neil ur still a really cool guy.


    • Thanks.

      Yes, it is easy to be confused by reblogging.

      It does remind me of the time when, in the coffee room at work, I asked “What do you call an atheist who attends Church.” Without hesitation, one of my colleagues replied “The organist.” Need I mention that my colleague was an avid organist?

      There actually can be good reasons for an atheist to attend Church.


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