Stay out of Syria

by Neil Rickert

I rarely make political comments here, but it is time for an exception.  I was opposed to the invasion of Iraq, but I kept my view to myself.  This time, I will be more public.

There is no good reason for the USA to intervene in Syria.  There is no plausible good outcome.  We should stay out.

Some say that the use of chemical weapons must not go unpunished.  I agree that there is a plausible case for that argument.  But unless we are damned sure about which faction instigated the use of chemical weapons, we cannot use that as an excuse to intervene.

There’s an interesting analysis of the Syrian situation on Wolff’s blog.  I cannot vouch for its accuracy.  But it should remind us of how uncertain is our knowledge of the current situation.

3 Comments to “Stay out of Syria”

  1. I am like you. I am against this intervention too. There has to be money behind these decisions — it ain’t human suffering otherwise we’d be intervening all over the place. It is always money.


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