The stalemate in Washington

by Neil Rickert

Frank Schaeffer, writing about the current political stalemate, says:

What the reality-based community, especially in our media savvy centers of intellectual life forget, is that a big chunk of our population has been groomed from birth to embrace delusional thinking.

Put it this way: you can’t understand who supports and voted for Senator Ted Cruz and the forty extremists in Congress holding the rest of us hostage, unless you first understand why the Creation Museum has so many enthusiastic visitors. When they are there they can learn how dinosaurs cohabited the earth with people and why the planet is only six thousand years old, sort of the scientific equivalent to claims that President Obama is a secret Muslim who was born in Kenya.

Until the root of myth-based political thinking is admitted and understood it can’t be addressed. Pointing out that the right lives in an echo chamber solves nothing. The point is why?

I recommend reading Schaeffer’s full post on the topic:


2 Comments to “The stalemate in Washington”

  1. Interesting link, cheers. I’ve not followed Schaeffer much but did remember a video from some time ago, and his perspective seems to miss some important points. maybe I’m missing something from Schaeffer. I commented on the article.


    • I do not consider Schaeffer to be an unbiased observer. Yet, as a former insider, he has an interesting perspective. I find him worth reading, though with a soupcon of skepticism.

      Schaeffer has not thrown off his religion. He has changed what he believes (I think, to Eastern Orthodox). You are right, that he does not fully understand the viewpoint of the non-religious.


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