Best wishes for the season

by Neil Rickert

Hmm, I haven’t posted for a while.  The end of semester, and exam grading happened to me.  And then I couldn’t make up my mind on exactly how to say what I wanted to say — I guess that’s a kind of writer’s block.  At this time of the year, you probably don’t want serious thinking.  So I’ll delay posting anything serious until the new year.

To all of you who are fundamentalist Christians:  Happy Holidays.  There, that should stoke up that Christian persecution complex that you so enjoy.

To everybody else:  Merry Christmas.  And if that offends you, then you need to get a life.

Here are a few blog posts that I have bookmarked recently:

  • Mathematical Universe? I ain’t convinced.  Massimo discusses the view of Max Tegmark, that the fundamental structure of the universe is mathematical.  I considered doing a post on that, but changed my mind.  I agree with Massimo.  I am not convinced.  I’m inclined to say that it is nonsense.
  • Massimo’s Picks!  I bookmarked that, because it links to an older post by John Wilkins, about Feyerabend.  I find Feyerabend interesting, though of course I disagree with his suggestions about astrology and voodoo.  The referenced Wilkins post provides some interesting background.
  • Arlin Stoltzfus explains evolutionary theory.  That’s a post by Larry Moran.  It links back to earlier guest posts which give an historical perspective of the development of evolutionary theory from Darwin’s time to the present.
  • Scientific Illiteracy Growing Worse.  That’s a post by Cornelius Hunter.  A recent Harris survey shows increasing public support for evolution, and Cornelius sees that as a growing illiteracy problem.  What would we do for entertainment, without Cornelius?
  • Several recent posts by scordova, at Uncommon Descent.  Sal Cordova points out that a sequence of 500 heads in a row with coin tossing is very unlikely.  And therefore evolution is refuted because, you know, homochirality.  I guess there is another source of entertainment, if Cornelius is not providing enough to satisfy.

There were other posts of interest, but those are a few that come to mind.

Best wishes for the season, everyone.


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  1. Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!


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