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January 2, 2014

On David Gelernter’s rant

by Neil Rickert

It came to my attention, this morning, that David Gelernter has a strange rant on “Commentary” (h/t Uncommon Descent):

Gelernter is a well known computer scientist at Yale.

I already knew that Gelernter was a critic of AI (Artificial Intelligence).  Since I also criticize AI, that was no reason for concern.  One might hope for a thoughtful discussion piece, but this turned out to be little more than a rant.

On science

Gelernter writes:

That science should face crises in the early 21st century is inevitable. Power corrupts, and science today is the Catholic Church around the start of the 16th century: used to having its own way and dealing with heretics by excommunication, not argument.

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