A good sign for the economy?

by Neil Rickert

Spamming is up.  I’m referring to comment spamming of blogs.

I have just deleted 26 spam comments.  When I checked this morning, I deleted 29 spam comments.  In the middle of the day, I deleted another 23 spam comments.

Until recently, I would rarely see more than 2 spam comments per day.

I’m guessing that this is a good sign for the economy.  It suggests that someone has money to spend on hiring spammers.

Oh, and Akismet is great in detecting spam.  I do briefly scan what it finds to see if there are any false positives, though that seems to rarely happen.

4 Comments to “A good sign for the economy?”

  1. I get a lot of spam, too, but sometimes “real” comments are thrown in as well. I’ve changed the link minimum, and it still happens. But, since I get so much spam, I’ve just gone to blanket deleting, figuring that someone would write again if they didn’t see his/her comment.


  2. I get a huge amount of spam too. Every once and awhile I scan the first 50 or so to see if any real comments. But then I will delete the other 400 or so — which is what I did just now.
    So you still have very little spam. Rejoice!


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