Please vote on Tuesday Nov 4th

by Neil Rickert

If you are a registered voter in the USA, then please vote on Tuesday.

I won’t tell you how to vote.  I suggest you study the candidates and decide that for yourself.  But I will tell you how I plan to vote for the most important positions.

For Illinois governor, my vote will be for Patrick Quinn.  I don’t actually like Quinn, so this is more a case of voting against his Republican opponent (Bruce Rauner).

For US Senate, I’ll be voting for Dick Durbin.  In my opinion, he has been a pretty good senator.  His opponent, Jim Oberweis, should have stayed out of politics — he isn’t very good at it.

For congress, I’ll probably vote for the Democrat, but it will be a wasted vote.  The 14th congressional district is a safe Republican seat.  I hate that.  I hated it just as much at a previous residence, where I was in a safe Democrat seat.  Competitive elections are better.

And then there’s a bunch of other positions.  Our ballot is too long.

We need better candidates

Yes, the choice of candidates is often poor.  But vote anyway.  If you don’t vote, then the politicians will take you for granted, and things won’t get better.

3 Comments to “Please vote on Tuesday Nov 4th”

  1. I voted already. We have early voting in TX. Unfortunately, the candidates I voted for–like Wendy Davis–will probably lose here.

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  2. I am liberal but I vote Republican, mostly. Perhaps this anomaly is due to the intuition that individuals are more liberal therefore government should be more conservative.


    • That really does not make sense. If course I understand what you are saying on the surface, but it is not logical. If you hold liberal beliefs–healthcare for all, LGBT rights, choice and equal pay for women, then why would you support politicians who embrace the opposite values?


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