ID vs. Bill Nye

by Neil Rickert

I had to laugh at this:

While most Bill Nye-fans — myself included — enjoyed his wacky experiments and corny jokes, few if any realized there was another side to Bill, one that he didn’t start unveiling until just the past few years: Nye advocates a hardline, intolerant, and divisive atheistic worldview view that stands diametrically opposed to the values shared by most Americans.

That’s from Casey Luskin at Real Science vs. Bill Nye the “Science” Guy.

I guess Casey doesn’t like it, that Bill Nye is honest and describes science as it is, even when that science is incompatible with the wacky ideas of creationists and ID proponents.

3 Comments to “ID vs. Bill Nye”

  1. Divisive Atheism would be Anti-Theism. Pretty sure I have heard Bill Nye saying he doesn’t have issue with belief systems – I think in the Evolution vs Creation debate itself he even mentioned this. As you said Neil, he is teaching about science. Casey must have missed (or ignored) this information.

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  2. I find it equal parts annoying, equal parts amusing that the stuff conservative Christians accuse everyone else of doing is usually what they are up to their armpits in, themselves. Projection, anyone?


  3. Did you watch the Ken Ham vs. Bill Nye debate? It was hilarious! I can understand Richard Dawkins not wanting to participate in such a debate because he thinks it lends credence to their views by even honoring them with a serious debate, but I also understand Nye’s view that it is important to increase exposure of the facts and arguments with those that are ignorant watching in the audience. There are always SOME converts that become so by having analyzed the facts better and getting more information from debates like this, so I tend to side more with Nye’s view overall since it likely results in more converts to science than simply alienating them by not engaging their propagandists and influential leaders in any debate at all. Very entertaining to hear Ham’s responses…so full of ignorance and dogmatic argumentation, I was glad Nye could keep a serious face while listening to Ham.


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