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July 19, 2015

Five years of blogging

by Neil Rickert

WordPress notified me, earlier today, that it five years since I started this blog.  I wasn’t sure that I would keep it up that long.

My blogging rate has slowed.  At the beginning it was a bit more than one post per week.  Now it is closer to one per two weeks.

My thanks and appreciation to those who have been reading this blog.

July 1, 2015

Two recent supreme court cases

by Neil Rickert

I’m perhaps a bit late here.  I have been discussing these case in other forums, so  I thought I would summarize my view here.

I’ll start by reminding the reader that I am not a lawyer.  But I am a citizen of the USA, and that should be enough to entitle me to express an opinion.

Obamacare (King v. Burwell)

While this was an important case, it is difficult to understand why there was a case at all.  This was the case where some people took a very literalist view of the ACA legislation, and claimed that it excluded subsidies to people in states with federally run exchanges.

In my opinion, this was a completely bogus issue from the start.  It was clear enough what was intended by those who drew up the legislation.

The Supreme Court had little choice in taking up the issue, because a lower court had ruled in favor of that bogus reading of the law.  And, thankfully, the supreme court reached the sensible decision.

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