That must have been a rhetorical question

by Neil Rickert

In a recent post at his blog, Bill Dembski asks whether listening to an audio book counts as reading.

Comments are closed, so it is impossible to give an answer.  I guess that must have been a rhetorical question.


It’s been a while since I last posted.  I’m going to try to get back into the posting habit.

2 Comments to “That must have been a rhetorical question”

  1. The answers of a neuroscientist and (say) a language teacher would probably be different.

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    • Yes, you might well be right about that.

      If you ask a class of students to look around, then blind students in that class (if there are any) will apparently wave their hands around over their heads. But that’s what “looking” amounts to for a blind person.

      If you participate in an Internet forum or chat room, people “talk” to one another rather than “post” or “type” to one another. I think that’s because the idioms that use “talk” are more appropriate than are idioms that use “post” or “type”.

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