The election results

by Neil Rickert

When a heavy snow storm dumps two feet of snow, some people blame on abortion; some folk blame it on sexual promiscuity; some folk blame it on global warming; some folk blame it on scientific experiments gone awry.

Me?  I just start clearing my driveway.  The blame game doesn’t achieve anything.

I won’t try to place blame for the election results.  I’ll just work on how best to cope with the world that we find ourselves in.

2 Comments to “The election results”

  1. But what do you do when your neighbor sets fire to her lawn and it engulfs the fence next to your house? I agree that your first priority should be to call the fire department and grab a hose — but I’m not sure it’s wise to ignore blame.


    • That’s an interesting example. But I think, in this case, you have identified a cause. Hunting down causes is usually more valuable than assigning blame. One can give objective accounts of cause, while blame has more to do with intentions and tends to be far more subjective.


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