Quote of the day

by Neil Rickert

From a post on Frank Schaeffer’s blog:

White evangelicals take note: If Trump is president because of “God’s will,” then your God must be a white trash, philandering, money-laundering, Putin-stooge, hate-filled, racist liar, too.

Well, no, I am not planning to have a daily “quote of the day” feature.  But this stood out as worth repeating.

2 Comments to “Quote of the day”

  1. Makes sense, I like it. Might get me thrown out of the room if I used it, but I do like it. Hugs

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  2. The Mormons usually have a slightly different take. Being the minority religion they can still cast the first stone and blame everyone else. They say trump was gods selection because you get the leaders you deserve. “When those that choose evil and more numerous than those that choose good, you are ripening for destruction “. Book of Mormon.

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