Review of “End this wicked marriage”

by Neil Rickert


I have added a comment about what apparently happened. And that seems to clear up the puzzle.


This started as a book review. But it has become a puzzle.

Jerry Gramckow is the author of a Kindle book “End this wicked marriage: why Evangelical Christianity needs to divorce itself from the Republican Party”. I learned about the book on Monday, from Jerry’s blog.

But here’s the puzzle. Jerry’s blog has disappeared. It now gives me a 404 (not found) when I try to pull up that page. So I searched for the book title on Amazon, and that too has disappeared.

I still have my copy of the book on my Kindle. I hope that doesn’t disappear, too. Amazon has been known to pull books, though they got many complaints when they last tried this. Perhaps they will let me keep it. I actually have a second Kindle. The one where I read this book is a paperwhite (an e-ink version). My second Kindle is a fire tablet. Checking my library there, the book did show up. And I was still able to download it. So Amazon actually still has the book in its database, but it is hiding that book. It looks as if only people who have already acquired it can access it.

What’s going on?

So what’s going on here? I really don’t know. I am not personally acquainted with Jerry, though I have occasionally communicated via blog comments. He seems to be decent and honest person. As I understand it, Jerry is an evangelical Christian, so he sees what is happening from the inside. And his book is very critical of some of what he sees.

My guess is that somebody took exception to what is in the book, and applied pressure to have it taken down.

Having read the book, I didn’t actually see anything that might be considered to be libel or defamation. Hmm, there was a mention of the word “blackmail”, though I took that only as a suggestion and not an accusation. However, I did think it unwise to include that suggestion in the book.

I can see why some people in evangelical Christianity might not like it. I doubt that he wrote anything that hasn’t been previously said by atheists and by liberal Christians. But who knows? We live in strange times, where there are people who complain about “cancel culture” and then go out and cancel a book.

A quick review

I’ll make this short. There does not seem to be a point in a detailed review of book which is no longer available for purchase.

The book starts off discussing celebrity culture. And here, we begin to see where evangelical Christianity has already gone astray. In the gospels, we read where Jesus said that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter the kingdom. But now we have celebrity pastors pushing “the prosperity gospel” and owning jet airplanes. The message of the gospels seems to have been turned upside down.

Similarly, the Republican party which once freed the slaves now seems to be embracing racism. They, too, have been turned upside down.

Jerry sees the coalition between evangelical Christianity and the Republican party as having greatly harmed both.

I will add that I found the book well written and very readable. I was already familiar with much of what is in the book, so I might have expected it to be boring. But it wasn’t. I kept coming back to read more.

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  1. Kindly share the copy of the book


  2. That’s curious for both book and blog to go under.

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  3. I have just heard a little more about what happened.

    “I just got word from Jerry on what’s going on. It appears that he accepted a position as a ghost writer for a company that required him to basically scrub anything political he may have written. Thus, he had to disband his website and the E-book as well.”

    That seems to clear any concerns. My best wishes to Jerry.


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