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January 12, 2022

On what exists

by Neil Rickert

I follow the philosophy blog of Ian Wardell via my RSS reader. I disagree with some of what he posts. And I find myself not very interested in others of his posts. But at times he posts things that interest me.

Checking, this morning, I found his latest post:

and that just happens to be right up my alley. It is a topic that I have posted about from time to time. So I suggest that you read his post.

As an example, physics describes the world in terms of mass, distance and time. Ian is arguing, in effect, that it is legitimate to doubt whether mass, distance and time actually exist. And I agree with him about that.

The way the world is

Ian asks “Do our theories in physics mirror how reality really is?”

I have been posting my ideas about this for some time. And my general view is that there isn’t a way that the world really is. There is a way that we describe the world. There are ways that we experience the world. But there is no human-independent way that the world is. No matter how we describe the world, we can only describe it in terms of our own interactions with the world.

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