Fred Clark on the culture war

by Neil Rickert

I was not intending another post so soon after my last one. But then I read Fred Clark’s latest post at his “Slacktivist” blog. It is brilliant.

My apologies that his actual post is on Patheos, which means that it is loaded with far too much advertising. But it is still worth reading.

Fred goes after the religious right, that grossly immoral minority that had the gall to refer to itself as “the moral majority”. To illustrate, here is a sample paragraph:

“Winning” power politics in opposition to public opinion — in opposition to the will of the majority of citizens and voters — isn’t a “culture war.” It’s simply the denial of democracy. The “Christian Right,” in other words, is exploiting the undemocratic features of our politics to impose undemocratic results on everyone else.

Please take the time to read that entire post. It hits hard, and is on target.


One Comment to “Fred Clark on the culture war”

  1. The fact is the country is divided roughly 50/50. That means whichever faction is more motivated and organized wins. The Democrat Party holds all the gold medal awards for motivation and organization. It owns the presidency, both houses of Congress, the media, corporate America, Hollywood, and the education system. Those achievements happened over a 120 year period.

    It was a historical fluke that President Trump was able to install 3 Supreme Court justices that allowed the Court to become a check on the other two branches of government.

    Nevertheless, the Democrat Party has run hog wild the last year and a half and has become hugely unpopular with Brandon’s approval rating at a regime crushing 30% or so.

    People are sick of the national crime wave, routine mass shootings, the 100,000 per year genocide from drug overdose, open borders, hyperinflation and shortages of goods never before seen in the United States, indoctrination and sexual grooming in public schools, transgender men kicking the snot out of female athletes.

    In short, Americans have experienced the Democrat Party victory in the culture war and are fed up with it. If elections are honest this November the Democrat Party will be politically destroyed.


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